What is the Nipissing District Developmental Screen?

The Nipissing District Developmental Screen (ndds) is a short checklist of some of the most important skills that a child should master by a particular age. The ndds is not a diagnostic tool and it is not meant to be a formal assessment of the child’s skills — but rather a quick survey to determine any areas that may require some extra help. The areas of development checked are Emotional, Fine and Gross motor, Social, Self Help, Communication Learning and Thinking, Vision and Hearing

How was the ndds created?

It was drafted by a multi-disciplinary group who wanted to provide early identification and assistance to children with developmental needs.

What are the benefits of monitoring development?

The ndds helps parents:

  • learn about their child’s development
  • recognize their child’s skills and abilities
  • identify developmental areas that may need extra attention
  • plan intervention strategies, including referrals to qualified professionals if required
  • promote early identification

What is the correct way to administer the ndds with families?

The checklist can be administered in a variety of ways such as:

  • face-to-face with a parent
  • over the phone with a parent
  • at a doctor’s office or well-baby clinic
  • by mail out – make sure there is a contact number for a person or program for follow-up
  • as part of a registration package at a child care center
  • part of a service provider’s intake package
  • registration package at a school