Agency Staff

Meet Our Team
We believe our role as an Licensed Agency is to ensure we have high quality professionals who understand the importance of quality child care and the impact it has on the child and families. Our agency supports this by conducting continuous child care educational and best practice opportunities for educators and staff. The agency’s administration and child care consultants support and monitor the day homes regularly to ensure the children are happy, healthy and developing in their child care program. We are proud of our educators and respect and appreciate their valuable role in their day home children’s lives.
Heather Gomme
Placement Coordinator/Administrative Assistant
Karen Smart
Agency Coordinator
A member of the Alberta Family Childcare Association, our coordinator is a contract manager who oversees the daily operations of the agency, and acts as the primary resource for questions or concerns from parents, educators and government.


Day Home Consultants
Day home consultants provide support, advice, and resources for educators. They are responsible for monitoring approved family day home educators for compliance to the family day home standards. Our day home consultants also assist new educators in initial home set up, home safety, daily programming and planning.
Day Home Consultant

Currently on maternity leave.

Day Home Consultant
Day Home Consultant / Day Home Approval Coordinator
Day Home Consultant
Day Home Consultant