Choosing a Day Home

Looking for A Family Day Home?

Top Ten Questions to ask the Day Home Educator in an interview

  1. What are the hours of care? Is the day home operating on a full-time, part-time, or shift worker basis?
  2. Is there an opportunity to visit and ensure the day home is a good fit for my child?
  3. What is the day home educator Early Learning and Child Care experience and education?
  4. What type Early Learning and Child Care Program. Does the educator plan field trips?
  5. What are the day home’s emergency procedures? Is there space for the children to play both inside and outside?
  6. Will the educator teach your child things you would teach in your own home?
  7. What is the educator’s process for dealing with behaviour concerns in the day home? Is it consistent with your families? Please note: It’s A Child’s World Family Day homes does not permit the use of corporal or exclusion punishment in any form at its day homes.
  8. How is my child’s learning and development documented and shared with me?
After a Day Home is Chosen
  1. Communication: Let your educator know if there are changes in your schedule, or contact information. Also provide two week’s notice if you intend to terminate services.
  2. Release of Child: Let your educator know who can pick up your child besides yourself. educators may not release your child without your written consent.
  3. Medications: educators may not administer any medication without permission of the parents. In case of an emergency the educator is authorized to take the necessary action.
  4. Illness: Children with fever, vomiting, frequent diarrhea, unexplained rash or any communicable disease should not be taken to the day home; these types of illness are often contagious.
  5. Activities: Agree upon the types of activities your children can participate in. For example: riding in the educator’s car, outdoor supervision, etc. Again, please make educator aware of any sensitivity to sun, allergens, bee stings, etc.
  6. Feeding and Eating Patterns: educators are required to serve one meal and two snacks per day in accordance with the Canada Food Guide. Make the educator aware of any food restrictions or allergies.
  7. Note: Please ensure your child always has an adequate breakfast before dropping them off. Hungry children can’t function properly and can react with quick tempers, aggression or sleepiness.
  8. Clothing: Appropriate seasonal attire is required for both indoor and outdoor play. Please label clothing items to prevent mix ups.
  9. Toilet Training: Agree upon the amount and type of training you wish your child to receive.