Day Homes

Benefits of Being With a Licensed Day Home Agency & Becoming an Educator
  • $5,000,000 liability insurance coverage for each child
  • Payment collections serviced by agency
  • Day home child referrals and placements
  • Networking opportunities with other family day home educators
  • Educator Support Funding and Infant Incentive Grant
  • Consistent visits and support by agency consultants
  • Ongoing training opportunities by agency and have access to other professional development opportunities
  • Individual training plans and goal setting
  • Utilize the Approved Family Day Home Logo, the smiling red door
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Regular agency child care educational resources and information
Looking to Start a Day Home Program?
Recruitment Policy for Approving a Family Day Home Educator
Our agency recruits educators who are willing and able to meet the government standards for childcare and whom show a genuine interest and desire to work with young children.

Recruitments will require site visits of the home to assess the home environment, safety of the home, and meet anyone else that may be living in that home. As well, an orientation, and interview will be conducted. The owner/director will conduct the first initial visit to explain and discuss the opening process, agency information, licensing standards, view physical space and complete a safety inspection. The approval is followed by two more visits conducted by an agency consultant. During this time the day home educator is to set up their home according to accreditation standards, and complete all documentation required. It is necessary for the educator to learn, understand and acquire all the agency and government standards prior to opening an accredited day home. The entire process to open a home could take from 2 – 4 weeks to complete.

Please be advised as an licensed agency there is an agency fee that is charged to the parent on top of the educator’s fee for each child. The fee is dependent on the whether the child is full time, part time or drop-in.


  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Have at least a Level 1 Certificate in Early Childcare Education
  • Have a valid first aid certificate in child care within 3 months of applying with the agency to be a educator
  • Have a clear Security Clearance through the local police service for herself and all people living in the residence over the age of 18 that is valid within the last 6 months of applying with the agency to be a educator
  • Have 3 satisfactory personal references from non- family members that address the educator’s suitability for working with children. Reference forms are given at the first knowledgeable in areas of child development and childcare
  • Must follow appropriate sanitation, health, and safety practices with in the home. Educator must also prepare an emergency evacuation plan from every floor of the potential day home
  • Be able to provide an environment in which children can grow and develop physically, socially, mentally, and emotionally with in day home
  • Have adequate indoor and outdoor space to accommodate the needs of the day home program

Educator Care and Supervision

The educator is responsible for the safety, health, and well being of children in her care. Her daily routine must have opportunities for growth, learning, sharing, and general fun on a daily basis. The physical setting, space, equipment, toys, and materials must be appropriate for meeting the child’s developmental needs and meet accreditation standards.

The educator must maintain a maximum ratio of 6 children at any one time. Of these children, not more than 3 may be under 3, and of these not more than 2 under the age of 2.

Educator’s Responsibilities

  • Maintain proper registration and information records for all children
  • Maintain and record attendance records on a daily basis
  • Keep day home environment safe and in compliance with agency standards. This includes all medications in a locked container and out of reach of children , all hazardous and toxic products out of reach, all sharp objects locked up or out of reach. All matches, lighters, flammables are to be kept out of the day home area.
  • Practice monthly emergency evacuation drills and checking smoke detectors monthly to ensure they are in working order.
  • Provide meals in accordance to the day home standards manual depending on hours of child care.
  • Provide direct supervision to children in care both indoors and out at all times
  • Plan and implement age appropriate and interested base programming.
  • Communicate with parents regularly in regards to children’s overall development and adjustments within the day home. The Parents, educator’s and agency staff all communicate to ensure that the day home setting is meeting the needs of children and the family.

Agency Monitoring and Support

  • Agency supports educators through consultation, resources, and information sharing and problem solving during home visits and/or telephone and email contacts.
  • Agency provides training opportunities through such methods as courses, conferences, workshops, and home visits.
  • Educators are updated with changes and advancements in the areas of child care.
  • Educators feel that they belong to a network, and are part of the team by being a part of an agency.
  • Agency monitors care in educator home to ensure that standards are met. The agency takes appropriate action to ensure educators comply with standards.

Agency staff (Home Consultants) review:

  • The physical facility including indoor and outdoor space
  • Educator’s performance and supervision in the areas of programming, activities, daily routine, child management, educator’s mannerisms and communication with children in her care.
  • Home safety to ensure home is safe, clean, and ready for play
  • Records such as attendance records, medical records, and child’s current information
  • The home consultant is also a support person to the educator and helps with problem solving as well as finding appropriate resources for the educator to help her improve the quality of her day home.