Professional Development & Training

Educator Professional and Peer Development Policy
It’s a Child’s World Family Day Home Educators are required to participate in professional/peer development each year. It’s a Child’s World will offer at least six agency professional/peer development in-services each year. These agency in-services will be either conducted virtually or in person.
Agency Professional Development Standards
For the 2022-2023 year there will be a requirement of 10 hours of approved professional development training.

For the 2023-2024 year there will be a requirement of 12 hours of approved professional development training.

Suggested Professional Development Courses for ELCC

  • Environmental Regulations (i.e., cleaning & sanitizing, diapering process)
  • Safety Hazards
  • Sleeping and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)
  • Child Development and Programming
  • Child Abuse and Neglect
  • Behaviour & Unique Needs
  • Family violence and its impact on children
  • Inclusive Environments
  • Indigenous Training
  • Community Resources
  • Building Relationships with Parents and Community
  • Ethics and professionalism
  • ARCQE – Possibilities of Practice (Into to Flight)
  • Physical Literacy
  • Risky Play
  • Outdoor Play
  • FLIGHT through MacEwan

PD opportunities can be completed by attending agency in-services, online webinars, virtual workshops, or other community/partnership programs.

Peer Development
The agency will offer peer development opportunities for day home educators to communicate, connect, and support each other in a social environment and to enhance their personal and work relationships. It’s a Child’s World will offer peer development and family events such as a Multicultural Celebration, Santa Breakfast Educator Appreciation Evening and Play in the Parks (July/August).

Agency Educators have the opportunity learn and network through the Educators Learning Together offered virtually.
We also recommend Educators to attend the Annual Educator Conference conducted by the Alberta Family Child Care Association.

Please be advised that the agency informs all day home educators about up and coming professional or peer development opportunities by email, newsletter, agency Facebook or website.

Educator Action Plan
An annual action plan will be completed each year to demonstrate the day home educator’s participation in their early learning and child care training and, peer development opportunities. The action plan will be conducted in coordination with the annual goal plans set with the day home educator’s consultant. The action plans will be submitted to the Educator’s consultant and be placed in the educator file at the agency. A record of the Educator’s professional development will be recorded in the day home Educator portfolio and agency educator file.
Professional Development Funding
If agency day home Educator does not meet the requirements indicated above and have not made alternative plans with the day home agency, the educator will be served a non-compliance and their contract could be terminated.
Professional Development Funding and Release Time Funding
As of Sept, 1, 2021 ,Day Home Educators have access to two different types of PD funding; Professional Development Funding and Release Time Funding.

The grants will apply only to those courses, workshops and conferences that take place on or after September 1, 2021.

More Information
This funding is provided to Early Learning and Child Care Educators contracted with a licensed family day home agency. The funding is to assist with the costs of approved post-secondary tuition and, approved conferences or workshops for their eligible educators certified as Level 1, 2, or 3 Early Childhood Educator.


Professional development grant funding is intended for family day home program educators who:

  • provide direct child care, including program supervisors and alternate supervisors (as defined in the Early Learning and Child Care Regulation), as well as people hired in the role of family child care consultants/coordinators with a licensed family day home agency
  • are certified as an Early Childhood Educator Level 1, 2 or 3
  • are a Canadian citizen or an official Permanent Resident of Canada
  • have worked at least 29 hours in at least one month preceding the date of the expenditure or the date the application was received
  • have completed a government approved professional development course
  • Have submitted a Professional Development Funding Request Form
  • Made a payment for the course, workshop, or conference within the same fiscal year (April to March)

Expenses not covered by professional development:

  • Accommodations, meals, alcohol, and travel costs
  • Additional fees charged by an educational institution
  • Non-approved courses, workshops or conferences (i.e., those not related to child development or not approved by the Alberta Child Care Grant Funding Program)
  • Language proficiency assessments (CELPIP/IELTS)
  • English as a Second Language coursework
  • First-Aid training and food safety courses
  • Resource books and materials not part of registered coursework
Funding Rates
Professional development funding rates per early childhood educator (effective September 1, 2021).

Post secondary courses: Up to $1,500 per year

Workshops and conferences: Up to $500 per year

Paid Release Time Grant
The Paid Release Time Grant provides licensed childcare Educators with funding that allows their certified educators to be paid while studying, completing post-secondary coursework, and attending workshops or conferences that have been approved for professional development funding.

This grant is for Early Childhood Educators who:

  • have been approved for professional development funding by the Alberta Child Care Grant Funding Program, which includes the request to access the release time grant.
  • and paid for or enrolled in a post-secondary course, workshop or conference that is approved for the professional development grant and takes place on or after September 1, 2021.

Post secondary courses

Payment to Early Childhood Educator:
$800 per course

Payment to program to offset wage related expenses:
$60 per course

Workshops and conferences

Payment to Early Childhood Educator:
$17.50 per hour (up to 45 hours per year)

Payment to program to offset wage related expenses:
$1.33 per hour (up to 45 hours)